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Beauty and the Beast
A little girl has a late night snack and falls asleep. She finds herself in a land where toys and nursery rhymes have come to life.

Buddy and Towser
Buddy enlists his dog, Towser, to guard his award-winning chickens. A fox penetrates Buddy's property and is Towser's job save the chickens!

Buddy of the Apes
Buddy encounters African natives. He gets help from animals and together they fight half-naked natives.

Buddy the Dentist
Buddy's dog gets hooked on sugar, and ends up with a toothache. Buddy tries to wiggle the tooth, but it makes the dog feel very uncomfortable. So Buddy tries gas, but it backfires and Buddy's own tooth ends up falling out.

Buddy the Detective
The Mad Musician picks out Cookie from the phonebook and forces her with hypnotism. She goes to his house, her dog notices and he runs to Buddy's house, and the two set out to find the mad musician's house

Buddy the Gob
Buddy the sailor gets shore leave in China. He sees a poster about the sacrifice of a beautiful girl. Buddy ends up attempting to rescue her from a great Chinese palace.

Buddy the Woodsman
A musical number with Buddy in the role of a woodsman. Goes through a lumberjack's days chopping down trees. A bear raids the lumberjacks while having pasta as Buddy and Cookie have to dispose of him.

Buddy's Adventures
Buddy and Cookie are in a hot air balloon. They arrive in the sour kingdom, and find that name is perfect for it

Buddy's Bearcats
Buddy has a baseball team named the Bearcats. They take on the Battling Bruisers in a stadium. A crowd shows up buying tickets and Hot dogs before settling down to watch the game. During the game, Hi-Jink's happens.

Buddy's Garage
Buddy works at a garage when Cookie comes over and brings him lunch. A big man comes in looking for gas. While Buddy is filling his car he abducts Cookie. Buddy chases him in a tow truck and is able to rescue Cookie with a tow hook. He then hooks up the crook and brings him back to give him his punishment.?

Buddy's Trolley Troubles
Buddy runs his own trolley. Most of it seems to be a musical number. However, there is a criminal living in the ditches as he breaks loose and hijacks Buddy's trolley.

Buddy’s Circus
Buddy the ringmaster brings the circus to town. The outside stage performers bring the people in. During the slate of classic performances in the big top, a child gets loose and is threatened by the animals. Buddy to the rescue!

Goin' to Heaven on a Mule
An extremely lazy man working on a plantation must choose between good and bad when it comes to alcohol. He has a nightmare where he goes to heaven on a mule, but, while up there he is kicked down to the underworld with Hades after drinking alcohol from the "forbidden tree"

Honeymoon Hotel
After introducing the small town Bugtown, inhabitated by bugs, this short shows what happens to two honeymooning lovebugs at the Honeymoon Hotel in town

How do I Know It's Sunday
Merchandises in a general store, come to life in order to sing a song.

Kitchen Crazy
First and last Wakko Warner solo

Pettin' in the Park
Different birds are in a swimming contest in the public park pond

Pettin' in the Park
Different birds are in a swimming contest in the public park pond.

Pop Goes Your Heart
When spring comes to the woods, forest animals go about their business: turtles teach their young to swim, grasshoppers show their offspring how to spit, etc.

Rhythm in the Bow
The plot of the film is a Hobo playing a violin while on a train

Shake Your Powder Puff
A vast array of cartoon characters attend a festival. The main act involves three female rabbits performing a vaudeville act about catching a boyfriend

The Girl at the Ironing Board
Mysteriously, late at night, the laundry comes to life

The Miller's Daughter
This musical cartoon, featuring household objects come to life, has many cute characters and inventive animated sequences

Those Beautiful Dames
A poor orphan girl looks into a store window at all the pretty toys, then enters a run-down shack so she can escape the snowstorm. As she sleeps, the toys come to life, redecorate the shack and put on a show for the girl. They have a big party with lots of cake and ice cream.

Those Were Wonderful Days
The cartoon offers a nostalgic look at America at the turn of the century; in it, men with handlebar mustaches play old-fashioned music on their found objects.

Viva Buddy
Buddy is a Mexican troubadour. He enters a bar where he sings and plays guitar. He sees a Mexican dancer named Cookie and wants her, but has to fight a Mexican bandit named Poncho in order to do so. At the end the two become friends

Why Do I Dream Those Dreams?
A fantasy version of Rip Van Winkle involving beer-guzzling leprechauns and other strange creatures.

Yankee Doodle Warners
First and last Warners cartoon in color, Wakko was the director and this marked the end of their looney career

The character in front at the closed curtain, announcing the usual "So long, folks!" or "That's all, Folks!"