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A Devil of a Job
Taz gets a job at the Tazmanian hotel to earn the money for a motorcycle.

Gone with the Windbag
Hotel critic F.H. Leghorn has come to the Hotel Tazmania, and Bushwhacker Bob is determined to get a passing review from him.

Instant Replay
Bull Gator and Axl film their exploits to learn the best way to capture Taz

Mutton for Nothing
Taz arrives at the sheep meadow to fill in for Ralph Wolf. There Sam Sheepdog performs his usual predator-pounding job on him.

The daily satirical adventures of the Looney Tunes star The Tazmanian Devil, along with his extended family, friends, and enemies on the island of Tasmania.

The Man from M.A.R.S.
In The Man from M.A.R.S., a tribute to infamous 1938 incident involving Orson Welles and War of the Worlds radio drama, Taz mistakes a radio drama about alien invasion for a live news